Ways to Spice Up Your Barn Wedding

A BarnHow does a wedding banquet set in a lush prairie sound to you? If you are all about capturing your most special day in a rustic atmosphere, then a barn wedding is perfect. This type of celebration remains a hot trend and it is here to stay.

There is no shortage of barn wedding venues here in Minnesota. All you have to do now is take a few ideas to spice up the occasion and make it the most memorable day of your life.

Glamorize it

You do not have to do away with the glamour even if you are on a farm. Use elegance to elevate your settings be it your lighting, plating or flower arrangements. Add a sophisticated touch to the rustic vibe. Set up a vintage chandelier and add fabric and light strands to the ceilings to make it more intimate.

Be colorful

Earthly tones are beautiful but do not be afraid to add pops of color. Be as bright as you can to give light to the bucolic ambiance. Use rich purple and bright pink to complement the greens and the grays.

Decorate the hayloft with flowers or ribbons in different shades. And you can hang a colorful drapery on the entranceway too!

Use barnyard decor

If you want to be creative yet traditional, use barn items as your decor. You can turn a barrel into a drinking station or decorate a wheelbarrow with wildflowers. Use small wooden buckets or tin cans for wedding favors and add garden blooms and glass candles to the wooden stepladder.

Do not forget the hay

What is a barn wedding without the hay bales? You can cover them with a quilt and turn them into a large couch with added pillows for guests to sit on. You can also use them to decorate the aisles or as a stand to display small plates of food items.

There you go. May these ideas help you with the wedding you are planning. Have fun and make memories!