Turning Heads With Balayage Highlight

Woman's studio portrait showing a balayage hair color techniqueIf you are lucky to have been there in the ‘70s, you could be remembering the flower power and thigh-high boots. It was during this time that balayage came into being. If this is still a new term to your ears, be keen when watching fashion idols walking down the red carpet.

Balayage is a low-maintenance highlight that can give you a whole new look. To get the best results, your hair stylist in Denver must have proper balayage training.

Where it all began

In French, Balayage means to sweep, a term that French colorists later coined for this hair highlight technique. Unlike the foiling highlight techniques, balayage involves freehand skills. Whether you rock a short pixie cut or long hair, a balayage can give you nice, sun-kissed hair.

Is Balayage Right for You?

Many individuals are wondering which hair dye color that will match their skin tone and hair color. This is not the case with balayage. This highlighting technique works on any hair color. In addition, you won't need any touch-up sessions thereafter. So, if you need a low maintenance hair color, balayage could be your best option.

The Procedure

A hair professional applies color in their hands and touches the individual hair in sections. He or she then sweeps the color with a backing board and brushes through the hair. The results vary depending on the skills of the stylist and the length of the customer's hair.

Is Balayage Different from other Highlight Types?

Other types of highlights use foils to infuse the color, and the hair gets a uniform finish. The color results in balayage are more natural because the color application depends on the choice of the colorist. A professional colorist will color your hair with the aim of brightening and enhancing your hair's natural look.

Balayage highlights have been around for ages and will still stick around longer. The color highlights grow out naturally without showing a regrowth line.