Tricks to Less Painful Brazilian Waxing

A woman waxingTelling you that Brazilian wax doesn’t hurt is a lie, as the procedure can be painful. However, there are many ways to make you relax, so you won’t have to fear going bare down there.

Brazilian waxing parlors like His and Her’s Waxing in Salt Lake City share a few tips to make your waxing appointment a little less painful:

1. Schedule after your period. You may be able to get a Brazilian wax during that time of the month, but it is not advisable. The skin tends to be sensitive at that time. You are likely to tolerate the waxing pain a week after your period.

2. Don’t fret too much. You don’t have to feel embarrassed getting naked in front of a stranger. Your esthetician is an expert and has seen it all. Besides, stressing too much can only make you worry more about the pain.

3. Clean up and exfoliate. A day before your appointment, it is ideal to exfoliate when you take a bath to remove dead skin cells. You should also take a shower at the day of waxing to feel fresh and clean. Your waxer will also thank you for doing so.

4. Say something. If you have a low tolerance for pain, don’t hesitate to say something. Doing so will let your esthetician work something out make sure that you’re comfortable during the procedure.

5. Take some pain reliever. Thirty minutes or an hour before your appointment, take an over-the-counter pain reliever like Advil. This will help dull some pain.

6. Don’t hold your breath. It is much better to breathe in and out, as it can reduce some pain. You may want to take a deep breath after the wax is applied on, and then breathe out after the sudden pull.

7. Mind your clothing. Never wear skinny jeans or tight pants on the day of your appointment. Your bikini area is likely to feel sensitive, so loose clothing is advisable.

When it comes to going hairless down there, Brazilian waxing beats shaving in many different ways. Pain is a part of the process, but you can keep these tips in mind to make it hurt a little less.