The Right Plan to Get That Tan

Couple enjoying the summer sunWith summer in full swing, you probably have your beach plans all lined up. What you may not be paying attention to, however, is the danger associated with too much sun exposure. There’s a difference between getting a golden glow and burning your skin.

Follow these tips to get that tan without damaging your skin:

Get Your Base Tan Safely

Sun tan lotions are specially designed to encourage your skin to tan. They provide basic protection to your skin while still allowing UV rays to penetrate the lotion. Make sure you use quality sun tan products for better results. Apply the lotion evenly and reapply every two hours, after swimming or after excessive sweating.

Note the Season and Time of Day

The time of year and the time of day both play a part in how much UV rays you are exposed to. You get more UV exposure during May through August with Earth receiving the most sunlight at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Knowing these will help you plan for a tanning session that would do the least damage to your skin.

Mind Your Altitude

Places in high altitudes have cleaner and thinner air. This means less protection from harmful UV rays, and the danger lurks any time of the day or year. Cloud cover and snow doesn’t prevent UV rays from reaching you. That wind burn you’re complaining about may actually be sun burn in disguise.

The key to healthy tanning is timing. You must take into account all these factors to ensure that you don’t tan under harsh conditions for too long. With the right planning, you’ll find yourself sporting a gorgeous glow instead of painful, blistered skin.