The Key Benefits of Water Play to Children

One year baby girl on swimming lessonMany children love to swim. Did you know that allowing them to swim often not only quenches their thirst for such recreation, but also provides a range of physical, emotional, and social benefits?

It’s time to look at swimming as a beneficial activity that you can share with your kids to build up not just their physical strength, but also improve their confidence, social skills, and gross motor development.

Believe it or not, a regular dips in the pool can do great wonders for your child’s wellbeing.

Swimming for better strength

As a sport and a total body activity, swimming allows a young child’s body to gain strength in the right places. It helps to develop muscles through the principle of resistance.

Merely dipping yourself in the pool and moving and splashing around can do so much to your body.

Swimming for self-confidence

As your child explores in the pool – enjoying the water and achieving little milestones like swimming from one side to the other or jumping in – they address his or her anxieties.

One way to help your child build up some confidence in the water is to allow him or her sufficient time at a New Jersey water park such as Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach frequently.

Swimming for improved motor and social skills

The reason occupational therapists suggest pediatric water therapy among special needs children is because it provides a lot of benefits in improving their condition. Water therapy is helpful for children with speech issues, limited gross motor movement, social interaction concerns, and other disabilities.

The buoyancy of the water allows them to develop motor skills much easier than through other therapy treatments. Water therapy is therapeutic and helps a child grow to his or her full potential. The physical, emotional, and social benefits that come with it can work wonders for a child.

These are just some of the benefits of swimming for children. What are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest water park and enjoy.