The Importance of Spending Quality Time With Your Children

Father and son in an amusement park rideChildren who lack attention from their parents tend to have poor impulse-control, more stressed and less confident. In some cases, they carry these poor traits until young adulthood. This is why experts recommend regularly bonding with your child.

Here are some ways you can spend quality time with your children:

Give Your Child a Voice

When you give undivided attention to your child, you become attuned to your child’s needs. This allows you to form deeper and stronger bonds with your child. Empathy can be as simple as listening and asking your child for their opinions. For example, when you’re planning a family trip, ask your child what attractions in Sentosa they’d like to do instead of dictating their itinerary for them. Give them chances to make their own decision as you browse the Sentosa Online Store. From these interactions, your child will learn to be more confident in themselves and more open and trusting of you.

Balance Discipline with Empathy

When you form deeper bonds with your children, they’re more likely to respect you. Instead of feeling like they have to fight you for everything, they’ll feel like you’re someone they can trust to know what’s best for them. The key to disciplining your children is to focus not on what the punishment is, but why the punishment is necessary. It is also important that the punishment should be proportional to the offence and that you give your children a chance to redeem themselves.

Build Trust

When you build trust with your child, they are more likely to be honest with you. It is important that your child can go to you for help with their problems. Otherwise, they may resort to dealing with it on their own or seeking help from bad influences.

Quality time is important to the development of your child. Make sure to give yourself a day or a few hours to spend with them. Undivided attention for your son or daughter helps them grow into confident and self-assured adults.