The Health Benefits of Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist

Male Dentist Inspecting Patient's TeethQuite a few patients stay away from cosmetic dentistry for various reasons. They either think of cosmetic dentistry as an unnecessary luxury, available only to those who are wealthy. This is of course, not true. Beautiful teeth are not only for the few and privileged – everyone is entitled to a healthy smile and being confident about their appearance. However, apart from aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry is a great option to improve dental and overall health.

A cosmetic dentist will do much more than just whiten your teeth or fix the imperfections in your smile. As a matter of fact, nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is also concerned about functionality. An experienced cosmetic dentist, such as the ones at PDC Dental in Barnsley, will go above and beyond to improve the health, function and appearance of patients’ teeth through a variety of treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry for improved health

Quite often, people who are considering a cosmetic dental procedure, are also concerned about the health of their teeth. Poor dental hygiene and excessive plaque can cause cavities. In this case, a cosmetic dentist will fill them with composite-based white fillings to make sure that those teeth are not only healthier but also look beautiful and natural. Most cosmetic dentists are also general dentists, and therefore can remove accumulated plaque and tartar from the teeth, providing the gums the space to be tight and healthy again.

At the same time, crooked and crowded teeth can be harder to clean, and if they don’t bite together properly, it can cause them to chip or crack. They may even get loose and lead to premature tooth loss. A cosmetic dentist can help improve the appearance and function of the teeth through a variety of fixed or removable teeth straightening treatments.

Finally, a good example of how a cosmetic dentist can improve your appearance and your oral health simultaneously, are dental crowns. Dental crowns are typically placed around the teeth to protect them from tooth decay and other environment factors. However, dental crowns can also be used to close gaps between teeth, cover persistent tooth stains and alter the shape and size of the teeth. As such, dental crowns not only enhance the way teeth look, but also protect their health in the long-run.