Survey Says 34% of Brits Fear the Dentists

Terrified female covering her mouth at a dentist appointmentA new study claimed that more than 34% of adult Brits fear the dentist, whilst almost 25 per cent worry over face-to-face medical advice.

The study based its findings on 2,000 adults in the UK. Other than doctors and dentists, opticians also caused some patients to feel anxious with 17 per cent admitting nervousness when visiting them.

Fear of the unknown or discovering a health issue mainly served as the primary reason for the respondents’ hesitation for seeking professional advice, according to the survey.

Fear Factors

Most of the respondents believe that what they do not know will not hurt them, whilst over half of them said that what they see plays a huge factor for their fear of health professionals. For instance, 52 per cent of them claimed to have a fear of medical equipment, whether these are tools for dental implants in Birmingham or teeth extraction in London.

Other causes of their fear involved an undesirable experience when they were young, whilst a small percentage said that they avoid dentists, doctors or opticians due to a recent bad experience. Potential pain is another reason for their medical fear.

Dental Concerns

You may not have participated in the survey, yet you agree with the respondents’ sentiments, particularly towards dentists. Good oral hygiene starts by staying informed, so try to find a dentist that makes you comfortable.

By establishing a good relationship with your dentist, you will find it easier to undergo treatments. Be proactive when it comes to your oral health, as delaying an appointment could inflict more damage in the end.

Dentists have gotten an undeserved bad reputation over the years, yet patients should realise that they should fear the results of poor oral hygiene more than sitting on a dentist’s chair.