Steps to Save a Knocked Out Tooth

Woman with her clean teethAdult teeth are strong, but they could also break. They can be cracked, broken, or chipped. Worst of all, they can be knocked out. A tooth that is knocked out is an emergency as the tooth’s nerves could be affected or damaged. The patient must see a cosmetic dentist in London, as soon as possible to save the tooth. Doing this would prevent deterioration and infection.

Four Steps to Handle Knocked Out Tooth

You have better chances of saving the tooth if you put it back in place. Here is how you do it:

  • Hold the tooth on the side used for biting, not on the root. Doing this avoids damaging the nerves of the tooth.
  • Wash the tooth with clean water or milk, but do not scrape the surface. Also, do not dry the tooth.
  • Gently insert the tooth back to its place.
  • Bite a clean cloth or handkerchief to keep the tooth in place.
  • Get dental assistance immediately.

Storing Tooth that is Knocked Out

It may be difficult to put the tooth back in the gums because of pain and anxiety. However, you can still save the tooth. But it would depend on how you store it and how quickly you reach the dentist.

To store a knocked out tooth, you must first wash the tooth with clean water while holding the crown. Do NOT touch the root. Place it in a small container filled with milk. Do NOT use water. If milk is not available, you can store the tooth inside your mouth, in between cheeks and gums. Go to the dentist or emergency room immediately.

You only have 30 minutes!

According to, ideally, you only have half an hour to save a tooth that has been knocked out. However, there are also instances that a tooth is saved even after an hour.

Knocked Out Baby Teeth

Baby teeth that are knocked out need a different approach. You should not try to put the tooth back to its place because doing so could damage the permanent tooth waiting inside.

How a Knocked Out Tooth is Treated

The dentist will get an x-ray to assess the condition, and then splint the tooth to the next tooth for support until it can stand on its own. Several dental check-ups are required after the implantation.

If you cannot save the tooth, you could consider having dentures temporarily. When the gums heal, a cosmetic dentist in London can schedule the patient for fixed bridges.

It is possible to save a tooth that is knocked out. But for this to be successful, the patient must know how to handle and store the tooth properly.