Rodeo Fashion With The Modern Style

Bull rider on a clear backgroundOne of the old trends that still appeals to the current generation is the western-rodeo style made famous by the cowboys/cowgirls of old. Despite its origin decades ago, this style is still chic and classy. Whenever you go out, there would be someone wearing the classic cowboy hat or even the timeless pair of cowboy boots. Here are some examples of how to wear western-rodeo inspired clothing along with your modern outfit.


The classic cowboy boots can be a good match with a nice denim dress or skirt, together with a classic white long sleeve top. You can also pair denim with that perfect white dress or a classy boho cardigan. To complete the look, go with maong shorts that would look great for music-festivals like Coachella. Even the Coachella queen, Vanessa Hudgens, would approve of any outfit paired with the classic cowboy boots.


Who would get tired of straw cowgirl hats? These hats would look cute with the white dress that you used with the classic cowboy boots. It is also a great fit with a plaid button up dress. If you’re not a fan of dresses, you can wear black leggings with a dress shirt that would surely work out the glam in you.

There are a lot of ways to wear the classic cowboy outfit. You can even style it depending on your mood. It doesn’t matter what you pair it with. Western-rodeo style goes along with a lot of clothing. Remember, western-rodeo fashion isn’t only exclusive for the ranch. You can wear it to any event as long as you are feeling confident. Be creative, have fun and show your style!