A Page Out of Australia’s Book: Home Interior Trends for 2017

home interior trendsThe good thing about living in a digital era is that it connects people from around the world. Whether you want to check up on an old friend who now resides in another continent or know the latest trends from just a few cities away, you can count on technology to get you in touch faster.

As such, the digital era makes searching for inspiration more manageable. If you’re a homemaker looking for new home designs or are an interior designer in search of refreshing ideas, you’ll appreciate how the internet allows fellow enthusiasts and professionals to easily toss concepts at each other.

Here are some Australian home interior trends to look forward to in 2017. Take a page from their book and apply the trends in your own home design.


Terracotta may not be the best building material, but its warm and earthy shades are bound to replace today’s trending cool and white tones.

From lipstick to cars, matte finish is all the rage now. It comes as no surprise, then, that interior designers would suggest the same finish for terracotta tiles in 2017. It will be a refreshing take on the originally rustic material.


Cork, another anticipated trend for 2017, is making an admittedly quirky comeback in the home interior design scene.

Like terracotta, this material adds warmth and texture to any home. It also effectively absorbs noise in large homes with wide open spaces. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, maybe start looking for coffee tables and stools that use cork. You may even clad the walls of your home office with it for a professional yet comfortable vibe.

Dark Green

Dark shades of blue such as navy blue and midnight blue have run their course. For 2017, Australian home interior trends predict that dark green will be popular as a paint color for rooms as well as for furniture and décor items. It is bound to bring the outdoors into the home.

Upholstered Bedheads

Upholstered bedheads have long been a popular choice for luxury hotel suites and celebrity bedrooms. In 2017, they are bound to surpass timber bed frames and become more popular in the market. After all, they are a subtle yet instant way of making the bedroom look glamorous.


The internet is no doubt helpful to everybody, from grade school students to full-time moms. Too much exposure to a computer or a smartphone, however, is not healthy. People are realizing this, so escapism is most likely to rise as a home interior trend to balance out technology and the digital world.

Jewel Tones

Finally, Australian home design enthusiasts look forward to jewel tones overtaking pastel shades. Designs inspired by metals, metallics, clouds, and the cosmos will garner attention in the coming year.

Although the aforementioned are trends predicted for Australian home design in 2017, no one will stop you from trying them out — no matter where you are in the world.

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