Make Your Leather Boots Survive the Coming Winter and Beyond

 jeans, leather shoes, leather belt with buckleMade in USA men’s boots may look great, especially when paired with the appropriate attire. With the coming winter, leather boots also make for fabulous footwear; you get to keep your feet warm and dry from the snow, and you also get to wear footwear less bulky than snow or hiking boots.

Durable yet Vulnerable

You can purchase a pair of casual leather made-in-USA men’s boots that are functional and stylish for the winter season ahead, yet you also have to learn how to take care of them. Leather boots boast durability, but they can also be damaged easily in the snow. You can protect your leather boots, however, with the practices listed below.

Apply Dressing

Once you purchase your new pair of leather boots, you have to buy a leather dressing. The dressing makes your shoes more resistant to the elements. You can apply the dressing to your leather boots, allow the boots to absorb the material and re-coat the boots if you want. Repeat this once a month for multiple coatings or once a week for single coatings.

Wipe the Salt Off

Now, when you wear your leather boots in the snow, they will be vulnerable to road salt used to keep roads from freezing over. Salt can severely damage your boots. Wipe the salt off to stop any damage from happening.

Air-Dry any Moisture

Aside from the road salt, moisture can also damage your boots. Dry your pair out whenever you get them wet but use natural air-drying instead of using heat sources. Heat can only shrink your boots down.

Clean and Rotate Boots

Finally, to make your boots last for years, even decades, beyond the coming winter season, regularly clean your boots with a brush each time you wear them. You can also rotate footwear or boots every day, to allow your boots to breathe and dry.

With the techniques above, your leather boots will be well protected. The boots will last for winters to come.