Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts for Brides

Diamond Stud Earrings with ReflectionWhen it comes to jewelry for the wedding day, brides can easily make mistakes: they can buy too expensive jewelry or buy too many pieces; they can choose the wrong jewelry for their wedding dress or overall look; they may even accessorize too much.

You can ask for advice from a jewelry shop here in Toronto, or you can avoid the common mistakes of other brides about jewelry when you know what not to do and what to do instead.

Scale Back on Jewelry

For brides, the wedding gown remains a crucial element in a wedding. Years later, people will ask you what your wedding dress was like. Given the crucial role of a wedding dress, you have to keep your jewelry from upstaging your dress, unless you have a plain dress that can use more sparkle.

When you have a fabulous dress though, you can scale back on the jewelry.

Wear a Bracelet

You can make a fatal mistake if you wear a wristwatch to your wedding, no matter how beautiful or elegant your watch may look. The close-up shots of your hands at different stages of the wedding will be less than stellar with a watch around your wrist.

Instead, you can wear a bracelet that matches the color of your wedding dress.

Match Colors

Speaking of matching color, you can choose colored jewelry to liven up your otherwise neutral look. Colored jewelry can also work great when you have a themed wedding. As such, you have to match the color of your jewelry to the color of your dress and your skin tone as well.

Be Yourself

Now, you can stay away from jewelry trends as well and instead flaunt your personal style. Your personal style of jewelry will always make you more beautiful than some trend that may not even suit you. Be yourself!

With the following do’s and don’ts, you can be sure you will have the perfect look on your wedding day.