Investing in your oral health

Woman smiling while holding a blue toothbrushIt is easy to take our teeth for granted when things are going well. To keep your mouth problem free, it pays to look after them properly so that you can enjoy good oral health in the future. Caring for your teeth involves more than brushing at home twice a day, as having a healthy mouth means eating wisely, seeking support from your dentist and maintaining good gum health. Having strong gums supports your teeth properly and avoids the pain and bad breath associated with gum disease. Early detection is critical so that issues can be dealt with before they become severe. Regular check-ups with your dentist allows them to assess the health of your teeth, advise on care and carry out treatment if necessary.

Healthy mouth and attractive smiles

Having strong teeth is essential for eating and speaking properly but also central to how you feel about your appearance. Everyone would like to be proud of their smile but having teeth that are discoloured, damaged, missing or misaligned can make you feel less confident. Harley Street Dental Clinic in W1 provides a range of services, including preventive dentistry, emergency care and cosmetic dentistry. Seeing your dentist regularly is a wise long-term investment, not just in your health but also in how you look. This can ultimately affect the way you feel about yourself and your self-confidence.

Services for every need throughout your life

In addition to your regular appointments, treatment and care, you may need additional procedures. Crooked teeth are best remedied during childhood as the jaw is still developing but it is not too late for adults. Modern braces are effective, discreet and comfortable, so straighter teeth are easier to achieve. The problem of missing teeth can be solved using dental implants, bridges and dentures. If you are concerned about aesthetics then crowns, veneers, whitening or gum lifts may be useful. Your dentist can also help in emergencies with procedures such as root canal therapy or extractions.

Building a good relationship with your dentist now means you can get the care you need for great oral health and a smile you want to share.