How to Properly Clean Your Jewelry

Ring Being Cleaned by Jeweler

Your jewelry won’t stay clean on its own. Whether you bought your jewelry in Salt Lake City or inherited them from your parents, your gems can lose their luster over time. All those body oils, hair sprays, and the air in the atmosphere can rob your gems of their natural sparkle. Here are some simple DIY cleaning procedures that can keep your jewels sparkling:

Know Your Jewelry

Knowing what you are dealing with is the first step to responsible cleaning. Cleaning procedures vary depending on:

  • The type of metal used in making the piece
  • What gems are in the jewelry
  • Delicate construction that needs special care

Once you know what your jewelry is made of, you can move on and choose the cleaning solution that will work best for it.

Cleaning Solution of Choice

For simple cleaning procedures, warm water and a mild detergent is always enough. This mixture is tough enough to remove dirt and will rarely react with the jewelry.

If you want a deeper cleanse, invest in the cleaning agent that is specifically made for your jewelry’s components. Gems especially, need special cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the stone. For instance, hard gems like sapphires, rubies, and diamonds that are not porous can be cleaned with a strong cleaning agent like ammonia. Sensitive porous surfaces like pearls and coral, on the other hand, need a different treatment since they absorb the chemicals and react with them.

Expensive jewelry needs close attention from professional cleaners to retain its worth in the resell market. Jewelry might be personal and sentimental. However, it is still an investment that needs be taken care of and preserved to ensure that it remains in good condition in case you want to liquidate it later on.