How To Ensure She Says ‘Yes’ When You Pop The Question

man proposing to womanSo you have reached that point where you would want to spend the rest of your life with her, and have decided to pop the big question. But you don’t want to go the Prince Harry-Meghan Markle route, which was simply a private affair. No, it should be something way, way bigger.

You need to make sure that you also have the right bling when you ask her if she wants to marry you. You can get one from jewelry stores across the country, but engagement rings by designers like in Salt Lake City seem to have more oomph with their style and design.

Once the little treasure is inside its box and secure in your pocket, the next move is to find the perfect location and/or scenario to present it to your would-be queen. Here are some creative marriage proposals you can consider that will make sure her answer to your question is the three-letter word.

Go wild and wonderful

If you want to go big, then pull out all the stops. It can be something like ploughing into a field the giant letters that spell out your big question to her. Or it can a homemade movie trailer that you can have shown in a local cinema before the main movie is screened (with her in attendance, of course). They may be wacky ways to propose to her, but the effort you have put in pulling any of them off will show her how serious you are.

Bury it

Perhaps the best way to let her know you she’s your one and only is by proving you have committed to marry her even from way back when. It can be six months or one year before the date you pop the question when you get her to help you bury a time capsule of your relationship, putting in things that define your love for each other. Without her knowing it, slip in the engagement ring. You can bet how surprised she will be when you finally open the capsule and tell her you’ve been wanting to marry her for a long time.

Seal it in a bottle

Here is something truly romantic. On a weekend in a beach resort, find an old bottle and stuff inside your handwritten message of proposal, then cork it tight. Before your loved one decides to hit the water, throw the bottle where she can easily find it. Yes, it will take some sleight of hand and planning (you might have someone else throw the bottle instead while you distract her), but if you pull it off, her reaction after reading the message in the bottle will be truly priceless.

Go traditional

If you have the dollars to splurge, take your beloved to a fancy dinner to celebrate an occasion (it could be your birthday or hers, or even your pet’s). Lavish her with great food and drinks, and when the dessert comes in, instead of something sweet that the waiter brings, it’s the engagement ring that shows when he lifts the lid.

With these and other marriage proposal ideas, you can be sure to melt your lady love’s heart and get her to say “Yes.” Good luck!