How to Enjoy a Trip to Sentosa with Your Children

Happy family ready to travel to SentosaSentosa family passes allow you to access numerous attractions on the island, and with family, the trip can be memorable. At times, the family can also be a source of stress, especially for parents with little children.

Thankfully, many travellers around the world have been through years of travel with their kids and have managed to enjoy each of their trips. You can learn from them below.

Non-stop Transportation

Plane rides, taxi rides, bus rides, even boat rides, or basic transportation in general, can be some of the most stressful moments during a trip with your children. Children can grow restless as they become exhausted.

Parents themselves become exhausted as well. To minimise exhaustion on plane rides at least, one travelling couple suggest catching non-stop flights if you can.

Plan Together

Family trips can sometimes favour some people at the expense of the others. For example, the parents may want to visit a location the children do not want, or vice versa. The best way to ensure fun and excitement for everyone lies in planning as a family.

You can include your children in the planning by asking for location or activity suggestions, or by having them choose details in your plans.

Bring a Map

Sentosa houses numerous attractions and activities that you can easily get lost in. It will be to your family’s benefit if you bring a paper map of the island with you. This way, you can reach destinations quicker, and your children will tire out slower.

Pack Enough Kids’ Entertainment

In addition to the paper map, you will want to pack enough entertainment for your children in-between activities or locations. Bring enough to fit in your child’s backpack like a book, toys, or colouring materials.

You can also engage them in games en route to your next destination. Use electronic devices as a last resort.

With the lessons above, you and your children can conquer Sentosa island and make new memories without much fuss in the family. Enjoy the experience!