Give your teeth the care they deserve

Dental checkup on a female patientSo many people do not think about their teeth until something goes wrong but regular, effective care ensures that your mouth is an asset, not a cause of worry. This is essential as our teeth are intrinsic to our appearance and wellbeing. A healthy mouth is free from pain and means that you can eat and speak properly and smile with confidence. Your dentist will carry out a range of services including preventive dentistry, emergency care and cosmetic dentistry. Early detection ensures that issues are dealt with before they become severe so regular check-ups are a must. It is also important that you take steps at home to ensure good oral health including proper cleaning and eating a sensible diet.

Invest in your teeth for life

Regular oral hygiene consultations and being alert for signs of tooth decay and gum problems can prevent problems developing. PS Dental in Soho recognises this and have a dedicated team of hygienists who check for issues, teach people how to care for their teeth and gums properly and carry out a scale and polish procedure which removes hard deposits and stains. If you are an adult with crooked teeth who missed out on corrective procedures as a child, it is not too late. There are several options to realign your teeth, many of which are faster, more comfortable or less obtrusive than traditional methods. To enhance your smile, cosmetic dental procedures including veneers, whitening and crowns are available.

If the worst happens

If you need help in a hurry, due to damage, severe pain, excessive bleeding or a tooth which has been knocked out, your dentist will be on hand for root canal therapy, extractions and other emergency procedures. Most dentists will see you within 24 hours. Even missing teeth are no longer a long-term problem due to treatments such as dental implants which can replace one tooth or a whole set. Building a good relationship with your dentist and investing in your oral health means you can enjoy wellbeing and a great appearance in the long-term.