Fulfilling Bridesmaid’s Duties: A Memorable Bachelorette Party

Catering food weddingAs soon as your best friend announced her engagement, she called you up and asked you to be her bridesmaid. After weeks of helping with her wedding preparation and searching for catering services here in Michigan, you promised to throw her a memorable bachelorette party.

Disappointing her is the last thing that you want, so read on and get ready to party.

Come Up with a Creative and Crazy Theme

Choosing the place and date is the easy part for everybody. This time around, you have to consider the bride. Think about her favorite character or costume to wear during parties. If you can translate her favorite elements into a party theme, then you can start from there.

Ensure that you are choosing a theme that everyone can play a part in. As much as you want to come up with a clever theme, make sure that you can actually pull it off on time.

Prepare Pre-Mix Bottled Cocktails

It does not matter if you go for camping, vacation home, resort or hotel option because you will surely need cocktails. Create a signature cocktail and name it after the bride-to-be. Mix these the day before and keep it in a cooler if you are going on a road trip.

You can make these drinks even more remarkable by glitzing up the cocktail bottles.

Create Bachelorette Survival Bags

No matter where you choose to celebrate the bachelorette party, you must have these survival goodies. It should include sequined headbands, kimono or robe, mini nail polish, Advil, hair elastics, beer koozie, sunglasses and earplugs.

You can even give them backup smartphone batteries if you have extra cash to spare.

As the appointed bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding, it’s your sworn duty to throw a memorable bachelorette party. With the above tips, you’ll surely leave the bride-to-be impressed.