Frame Your Face Right: Choosing the Right Eyewear

A Woman Wearing GlassesFor people who wear glasses, picking the right frame for your face shape can be hard. It can either be too big and look ridiculous, or too small that it just looks wrong. When choosing the perfect frame for your face shape, the rule of thumb is to select frames that are the opposite to your face shape.

Here is a quick and simple guide to help you find the perfect eyewear for your face shape.

Round Face: Strong, Square Frames

Square or rectangular frames with bold and dark-coloured rims will contrast your face shape. This frame shape also applies to any eyewear brand, may it be for prescription glasses or sunglasses. The only frames you should avoid are frames that are too small and round or circular, as well as frames that are too wide for your face.

Diamond Face: Cat-Eye Frames

Although the diamond face shape is a rare face shape, there is not a scarcity of frames you can choose from. Oval or cat-eye frames, which can be rimless or semi-rimless, will bring the attention to your eyebrows. This will balance out your features. Avoid using frames that are too narrow or too thin lest it will make your face a little asymmetrical.

Heart-Shaped Face: Oval or Round Frames

Round or oval frames that are either rimless or light-coloured and wide at the bottom are perfect to balance out the narrow chin and broad forehead. These lenses will bring attention to the lower part of your face and away from the upper part. Avoid using frames that are too heavy at the top or frames that have complicated designs.

Square Face: Frames with No Angles

People with square face shapes have strong jawlines and cheekbones. For balance and to soften those features, use round frames with dark colours. Think Clark Kent on his way to the Daily Planet. Avoid using frames with sharp angles and light colours.

While it may be an essential, your glasses are also a nice way to express your personality just like any accessory. There is no shame in wearing spectacles as they are a fun way to change your look.