For Party Planners: Must-Have Meals at the Table

Top view of food on tableMany food connoisseurs believe that fat is in the flavour. Perhaps this is why pork is held in high regard by both chefs and diners nowadays. Pork and other meats are the reason why people love barbecues, roasts and fried meals.

Whenever you are in an event such as a kid’s party, a wedding or a corporate gathering, look for their cooked meats. Here are must-have dishes for every party.

Hog Roasts

Hog roasts are part of a tradition in the United Kingdom, and catering firms such as offer this meal. It is perfect for gatherings with large numbers of attendees. First, you have to flavour the pork meat before roasting it on an outdoor flame.

Then, you leave the pork on the roast until it is cooked. After a few hours or so, you should have a finely-cooked hog roast, complete with crackling skin and flavorful ribs.


This is something that is more familiar to the rest of the world. Whether it is in Texas or South Wales, hog roasts and barbecues are always present. People cook barbecue or BBQ differently from hog roasts because it involves the meat being grilled to render the fat out and bring out the flavour.

You then flip the meat, and you cook it on its other side, to ensure that no raw parts are left.

Slow Roasts

This way of cooking is different from BBQ, which is putting meat on a grill to cook for a short amount of time over direct heat. This cooking type smokes the meat in low heat over several hours for the meat to acquire that smoky flavour that a lot of us love.

This can be difficult because if you have a huge slab of meat, you have to make sure every part is smoked and cooked. The hard work pays off though because it results in these meaty dishes that everyone loves.

Those are just some of the dishes you can try. There are many more out there. Happy hunting!