Do’s and Don’ts To a Stress-Free Wedding Planning

groom and bride So, you are already planning your wedding. This is where you should use proper judgment, as wrong decisions can affect the outcome of your preparations.

Many people will give you one advice after another on just about anything. This includes getting your wedding rings in Utah, which may be one of the wisest choices you can make, as some of the best jewelry stores in the country operate there. The inputs from friends and loved ones might overwhelm you and make the planning process stressful. But AAA Jewelers has a few suggestions to avoid such an inconvenience.


1. Consider your finances.

Up to how much can you and your partner spend for the big day? Your budget will always be the primary consideration, as it will dictate everything for the event. Never spend more than you can afford. The last thing you want is to start your married life with overwhelming debts.

2. Set your priorities.

Are you more concerned about the outfits you will be wearing on your wedding day or is it the food and the venue? Do you want an established photographer to take your photos, and should there be a band or entertainers at the reception? Identifying which aspect of the wedding is more important to you will help you allocate your budget and make the event truly special.

3. Make sure most of your guests can come.

Any event will not be complete without guests, so choose a wedding date that is feasible for most guests. This means Fridays or weekends, but not on summer holidays when people most likely have plans of their own.

4. Have fun.

You must have a list of things you need to do for your wedding, but that should not stress you out. Choosing the bridal gown and the groom’s suit, checking out the church, the reception venue, the menu, and even the band that will provide entertainment should all be pleasant tasks that would add to the fond memories you will have.


1. Neglect the food.

Other than the moment you exchange I Do’s and the priest tells you that you can kiss each other, the only other aspect of your wedding that guests will probably remember is the food. So, make sure you give them something they can talk about pleasantly.

2. Let guests sit wherever they want.

This is a recipe for chaos. By taking the time to sort your guests into their proper seats, you ensure that there won’t be any problem when you and your beloved exchange marriage vows.

3. Do all the work.

Whether it’s doing the decorations, making phone calls for the things you need, or following up on guests, it’s not a good idea to do everything on your own. It will stress you out. Learn to delegate tasks and you can take some load off your shoulder.

It’s ideal to hire a professional wedding planner who has years of experience working with engaged couples. It will allow you to focus on preparing yourself for the big day. Leave the details to the pros and look forward to a successful celebration.