DIY Braces Poses More Risks than Benefits, Says U.K. Dental Society

Teeth With Dental BracesThe British Orthodontic Society advised the public against patronising do-it-yourself (DIY) braces due to their potential risks, despite being a popular choice for straightening teeth.

It’s no secret that having orthodontic treatment often requires a hefty price. This has caused people to find ways on how to save on costs on dental products and services that they deem expensive. However, choosing to sacrifice quality can have dire consequences to a person’s oral health, according to Richard George, director of external relations for the British Orthodontic Society.

Not Recommended

A growing trend that’s making the rounds online involve several websites offering DIY kits that people can use at home, without the need to consult a dentist. George advised against using this kind of tools, which include aligner-type appliances for teeth.

Despite being cheaper than ceramic or clear braces, the risk of permanent damage from DIY braces to your teeth will cost you more in the long-term, he said. You also expose yourself to the risk of not being protected by your rights as a patient when you decide to forego a visit to a licenced dentist.

Still, money isn’t the only reason that’s pushing people to perform DIY dental care.

Dreaded Dentists

A fear of dentists is another driving factor why people choose to solve oral health problems on their own. A survey of 2,000 individuals in the U.K. showed that 25 percent of them would rather perform home treatment to their dental dilemmas.

Other common reasons for skipping a dental appointment include the dreadful sound of drilling tools and needle injections.


Dental treatment comes with a price. Although they’re sometimes expensive, you should remember that you get your money’s worth. The cost of dental treatment from a certified professional not only protects your oral health but also ensures that you get to smile confidently for a lot longer.