Characteristics You Should Be Looking for in Your Fishing Gear

Man with fishing road on boatSo, you and your buddies decided that you all want to go on a fishing and camping trip, but you have no idea what fishing gear to get. Lucky for you, there are tons of quality fishing gears in Michigan; you just have to know what to look for in one to know which one to get.

Let’s discuss what characteristics a fishing gear must possess, so you will be able to catch tons of fish!

Rod Length

It really depends on your needs. Measured from the tip to the end of the butt, they can be 4–14 feet long. Often used for short distances and lightweight bait, shorter rods is more advisable for big game fishing as it is easier to pull when fighting with a fish.

Longer rods, on the other hand, can be for long-distance fishing. It is often used when fishing from the shore as you can adjust it for greater distances. This type of fishing rod is also often used for heavier lures.

Rod Weight

The weight of the rod depends on what fish you would want to catch. If you are looking to catch big lures, then you should go for the heavier rods. If you are looking to get the smaller ones, then the lighter ones are the apt one for you. However, if you want to make sure that your rod can handle any type of fish, go ahead and get the heavier ones.

Rod Action

The action and the length of the fishing rod go hand in hand, and you can determine these by looking at the tip of the rod. There are two types of bends — ultra light and heavy. A heavier type of bend means that it bends closer to the tip of the rod, while the lighter one will bend closer to the butt.

Rods with a heavier bend can catch bigger types of fish, while the ones with lighter action are for smaller types of fish.

Fishing is fun, especially when done with your closest friends and family. For more pro-tips, you can scour the internet, as there are hundreds of them online.