Avoid These 3 Activities After Getting Botox

Woman being inspected with doctor's gloves

Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today. If you recently underwent a Botox treatment in NYC yourself, avoid these activities for the meantime:

1. Strenuous Exercises

People have varying perceptions about what activities or exercises are considered strenuous. For instance, a 30-minute brisk walk can be strenuous for someone who isn’t fit, while it can be a walk in the park for someone who’s fit.

To help you know if it’s a high-impact exercise or not, watch out for activities wherein you need to stop and catch your breath often. Some examples would be jump roping, singles tennis, race walking, running, and even aerobic dancing. Increased blood flow from these activities can affect the injection site and cause the Botox to move, which then diminishes your desired effects. Avoid any strenuous activity following the treatment or wait until your doctor gives you the go signal.

2. Drinking Alcohol

Some doctors ask their patients to avoid drinking alcohol before and after Botox treatment, as this can increase the possibility of bruising. Some people, however, don’t believe in the connection. For safety purposes, it would be better to wait at least one to two days before consuming alcohol to prevent any possible bruising or redness.

3. Rubbing the Injection Site

Following a Botox treatment, you’ll notice some redness and even some bumps on the injection site. Normally, these subside after a few hours, but it can be quite tempting to touch and even rub the affected area. No matter how tempting, do not touch or rub the Botox-ed area. Don’t look in front of the mirror for hours, waiting for the treatment to take effect. Unlike dermal fillers, it can take up to two weeks to see the effects of Botox. It is also important to avoid getting any facial treatment or chemical peel after a Botox treatment.

Its popularity has rendered Botox treatments as routine cosmetic procedures. If you still haven’t tried it, consider talking to your doctor about the pros and cons of this cosmetic treatment.