Apple Picking: A Great Family Day Out

Woman hand picking an appleThe summer holidays have gone, and lots of families may already be anticipating the October half term break with trepidation because of the amount they spend trying to keep the children entertained. Keeping teenagers away from the computer can also be challenging. Spending more time outdoors is one way to spend quality time together without breaking the bank and brings the opportunity to get in touch with nature.

Reasons to Go Apple Picking

There are lots of good reasons why families should go fruit picking:

Support for Local Farming

Visiting a farm for the day not only brings fresh air but also provides support to the local farming community and helps the UK to become a strong and self-sustaining country.

Picking Apples is Fun and Educational

Picking apples in Kent is educational and shows the little ones where their food comes from. It’s also fun and satisfying to pick their food and bring it home.

Picking Apples is Inexpensive

Everyone can have a great day out in the open, getting exercise and enjoying nature for a fraction of the cost of a trip to a funfair, theme park or cinema excursion, making it an ideal option for larger families.

Apples are a Healthy Food

Apple picking encourages the kids to like fruit and apples have lots of health benefits.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Apples are famous for their health giving properties. They are full of antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. One of these antioxidants, quercetin, reduces inflammation of neurons and improve memory. Eating lots of apples also lowers bad cholesterol and the odds of diabetes and stroke.

Don’t pay through the teeth for expensive theme parks. Go to the countryside and enjoy apple picking. It’s an affordable and fun way to spend time together.