4 Tips and Tricks to Care for Hair Extensions

Girl putting hair extension onA woman's hair is a significant part of their look. One of the many ways to give your hair that 'wow' factor is through the use of hair extensions.

Extensions are wefts of hair applied to one's head to enhance its volume or add color without having to use dyes. Though they are not the easiest things to care for, those who take hair extension training courses know that with the proper care, your extensions can last you a long time.

How to Make Hair Extensions Last:

Know Your Extensions

Are they synthetic or human? It is important to know whether your extensions are synthetic or made of human hair since there is a huge difference between their methods of care.

Human hair lasts longer and is less likely to dull any time soon. However, synthetic hair may frizzle and become dull within a short period of time, hence the need to take better care of it.

Keep Them Clean

Just as it is important to keep your own hair clean, the same goes for extensions. Wash them gently using sulfate-free shampoos to ensure that they retain their natural shine and are free of any oils that may cause them to tangle.

Brush Regularly

Tangling is not fun when dealing with extensions. This is why you should comb or brush them regularly to keep them free from knots. Use a soft brush or a wide tooth comb to prevent excessive damage.

Deep Condition Your Locks

Regularly conditioning keeps the hair shiny and easy to comb through. Hair masks and natural treatments are also great especially if you have permanent extensions.

Whether you use permanent extensions or clip-ons, taking care of them properly is important to ensure that they will last you a long time without breaking the bank.