4 Stubborn Myths about Tanning Oils

Couple sun bathing by the shoreEver since Coco Chanel accidentally made brown skin fashionable after yachting around France 1923, the world has been obsessed with tanning. For decades, tan has been synonymous with healthy and beautiful skin. While some people are naturally gifted with a dark complexion and lucky to live in a sunny area, the less fortunate ones can use specially formulated products to give their pale skin a sexy glow. In fact, Bali Body noted that the use of oils is popular to accelerate tanning in Australia and many European countries.

Made from natural ingredients, like botanical extracts, tanning oils are convenient and safe to use. However, their popularity could have been greater if not for the misguided misconceptions about them. To appreciate the benefits of applying oils for tanning, debunk these persistent myths first:

They Are for Outdoor Use Only

In general, tanning oils work by causing the skin to produce more melanin with ultraviolet radiation. This means you need to come out and catch some sun to accelerate the tanning process. However, some products are designed for indoor uses. Make sure to find an oil meant for tanning beds, though, to avoid any possible complication.

They Do Not Moisturise the Skin

Tanning oils are actually moisturisers too, making them especially useful in colder climates where the skin tends to dry easily during winter. Oils with moisturising agents provide more even tans because they make the skin pliable and flexible.

They Contain No Sunscreen

Not necessarily true. Many products on the market now include ingredients that protect the skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Tanning oils with an adequate sun protection factor (SPF) rating protect the skin from the downsides of long-term sun exposure.

They Cause Premature Aging

Contrary to popular belief, regular use of tanning oil could actually make you look younger. In the past, many products lack key ingredients that protect skin against aging. But now, more oils are formulated to preserve and restore the youthful glow.

Tanning can be a healthy way to enhance your best physical features. If you do your due diligence to separate the good products from the bad, you can find the right oil to don your dream complexion in no time.