4 Reasons Why Moissanite is a Girl’s New Best Friend

Moissanite stone being held within tweezersYou’ve probably heard the line, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” from a Marilyn Monroe song. And it’s true. For years, many women have long waited for that diamond ring. Many, but not all. In fact, in recent years, many girls have found a new best friend—moissanite! Here’s why.

1. First of all, it’s less expensive.

A diamond ring is nice, sure. But what good would it do if you have a classy ring but a shabby wedding reception? They say quality over quantity. But you’d want to make sure that your wedding dress, reception, and other wedding details are just as classy.

2. Second, moissanite sparkles more.

In the moissanite vs. diamond debate, moissanites are known to have more brilliance than a diamond, and who wouldn’t want more sparkle for just a fraction of the cost? You may not believe it at first but to convince you of the better fire quality, you’d better see it for yourself.

3. Third, moissanite comes in many shapes and sizes.

Just like a girl’s old best friend, diamond, moissanite comes in many shapes, sizes, and even cuts—oval, heart, marquis, round, princess cut, pear, and emerald are just a few of the traditional cuts. So this means you’re getting the classic looks and cuts you want for an even lower price compared to the diamond variety.

4. Fourth, just like diamonds, moissanites are strong.

If you’re concerned about the durability of this new stone, don’t fear. Moissanites are not just as strong like diamonds, they’re also abrasion- and scratch-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about scratches if your large stone accidentally grazes a rough surface.

There’s a New Girl’s BFF in Town

If you’re looking for great alternatives to diamond rings, consider getting a moissanite instead. Practicality is the new classy. Don’t start your happily ever after with a huge strain on your finances. Remember, even if it’s not your money, happily ever after means shared finances forever.