4 Reasons New Jersey Is a Great Place to Raise Children

Dad playing with his daughterSome states are perfect for career-oriented people, while others are excellent for starting a family or raising children. New Jersey belongs strongly in both categories, but especially the latter.
The Garden State is often thought of as second best to its nearby state, New York, but when it comes to building a family, it consistently ranks at the top. These reasons will help you understand why:

1. Safety

Granted, not all cities in the state can be considered safe, but overall, New Jersey is one of the most secure places in America. Wallet Hub ranks it among the top 15, scoring very high in residential safety.

2. Education

The state also does well in terms of education. In the recent Quality Counts report, it scored a B, which is one of the highest in the nation with an equivalent grade of 85.1 out of a possible 100 points. It is greater than the national average grade, which is a C.

New Jersey places third overall for the chance of success based on more than 10 indicators. It outlines the possibility of achieving from the time they are in school to the time they graduate.

3. Entertainment

Families, especially kids, will never run out of activities and fun to do in the state. It has one of the finest beaches in the country and is also home to countless hiking and biking trails. There’s also the Princeton University Art Museum, as well as kids’ villages, and arts and crafts studios. For a full day of enjoyment, you can visit family amusement parks in NJ. Not only do they have slides and pools, but they also offer a variety of rides. Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach is a good example.

4. Employment

The unemployment rate in New Jersey is slightly higher than that of other states, but it also remains one of the lowest in history. Moreover, it has maintained such a rate over the last 16 years.

The Garden State offers plenty of benefits for moms and dads who want quality education, safety, and many family-oriented activities. If you’re planning to move and grow your children in right environment, think New Jersey.