3 Worthy Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Cute gift boxes with bowSo many occasions call for gift-giving. There are the standards: birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. There are also the miscellaneous milestones: perhaps someone aced a test or reached a personal goal on time. You’ll never run out of people to give gifts to, but you may easily run out of gift ideas.

Here are some suggestions when you’re running low:


Accessories never go out of style, and it could be that one stylish piece that puts an outfit together. Choose pieces you know the recipient of the gift will love, and customize if you can. Be smart when choosing jewelry, too. A pair of moissanite earrings from MoissaniteCo.com can be more charming than a pair of diamond earrings from a jewelry shop, and it also costs a fraction of the price.


No matter the interests of the receiver, there’s has to be a book they’ll like. Are they into trading? Sales trader Taylor Ortiz has some great recommendations. What about friends who love to cook? Try the Barefoot Contessa Recipe Journal. Even if they are into aviation or DIY-ing, you’ll find a section at the bookstore that caters to their needs. Not only are books easy to find, they are also educational. You’ll never go wrong with a book or two.

For your friends who are bookworms, however, it may be hard to find a book they haven’t read yet. A journal or engraved pen could be a perfect gift for them.


You don’t need to spend money just to make someone happy. Sometimes time is the best gift especially to an estranged friend or relative. Set aside a couple of hours to spend with your parents, for instance; put your phone down and give them your undivided attention. Be a good listener. It’s enough for them to know how important they are to you, and sometimes that’s the best gift they could ever receive.

Gift-giving is not just about having the money to spend on someone. It’s still the thought the counts.