3 Signs You Need Matchmaking Services

Man and woman sipping red wine on a dinner date

Some people seem to have no problem finding a lover, or at least romantic relationships at any given time. Some, however, seem to continuously miss cupid’s arrow or signs that it’s time to get in the game.

If you’re from Phoenix or within the area and you’re not into LDR (long distance relationship, hello!), here are some tell-tale signs that say you need to start thinking about getting the help of matchmaking services.

1. If you’re too busy to “get out there.”

You often hear married or in-a-relationship people telling single friends that they should "get out there". What does this mean? It means you need to socialize—dress up, show up, and mingle. We know. Some people don’t have time do that with their 10 to 12-hour job or after juggling two jobs in a day. And all you want to do is just watch Netflix and chill, alone, rather than casting a wide net and praying for a catch.

Look, if you’re too busy to socialize with different people every other night, consider hiring a matchmaking service to trim down the prospects of a possibly good date for you.

2. If you don’t like being set up on blind dates by friends.

OK, you have a great bunch of friends who are tired of making you their third wheel. Or seeing you going to parties, alone. Or asking you if you want to hang out during those Friday nights when everyone else is having cozy dinner with their beaus.

Hey, your friends are just concerned. You shouldn’t hold it against them. However, if you’re not comfortable with friends setting you on a blind date, then get a matchmaking service to help you tap into a new pool of contacts, and who knows, your one true love.

3. If you’re too old and too tired to spray and pray.

“Spray and pray” is a term used in marketing when marketing teams don’t want to spend more effort in honing their campaigns to reach a particular target market and ensure a quick conversion from leads to buyers.

In the dating scene, the equivalent of this marketing term is when you create profiles on online dating sites (spray your profile, get out there) and hope that someone will find you interesting enough and contact you (pray that someone notices).

Naturally, the fact you’re on an online dating site confirms you DO want to meet new people, but there’s no guarantee that the prospect would be your type or share at least some interests with you.

Give Matchmaking a Chance

Stop resisting. Don’t be too quick to dismiss matchmaking services. When it comes to finding love, some singles out there need all the help they can get. And since online matchmaking is so popular these days, don't think of it as a lame way to find a partner. 

Think of matchmaking services as your personal social gathering assistant who can find close matches for you.

Your soulmate might be just around the corner, waiting to be found.