3 Practical Pointers for Picking High Quality Cashmere

CashmereDue to its low supply and high demand, cashmere can be pricey. This makes it easy to buy substandard quality at a fraction of the market cost, but why settle for that when the real thing is much better and lasts longer? Here’s a simple guide to help you find the high-quality ones.

Check the Label

If you’re going to spend a substantial amount of money on anything that is made of cashmere, everydaycashmere.com noted that you might as well get the pure, top-quality kind. Before trying out the outfit, check its label and see if it says “100% cashmere.” If there aren’t any labels or indication of percentage, you could either do other tests or leave it in exchange for a brand that you can trust.

Check the Feel

Cashmere is one of the softest cloth and barely leaves itchiness on the skin. The high-quality kind also doesn’t pill much when rubbed. If there’s any coarseness or itchiness, it’s either made of poor quality fibre or is mixed with something else, like sheep wool. Take the time and effort to try them out, too. After all, your hands aren’t the only parts of you that should gauge how they feel.

Check the Build

The way the clothes are put together is also an important factor in high-quality cashmere clothing. Knitting should be so tight that the pieces should snap back to its shape when it’s stretched. When you are buying something for warmth, like a cashmere cardigan, you would want to look for an outfit that uses at least two plies for the yarn.

Taking the time to check carefully before buying cashmere should be a given. It helps you choose comfortable and classy pieces that will last you a long time. Cashmere may have a high price, but you’ll spend less buying the genuine item in the long run. Besides, for this kind of richness, why settle for anything less?