3 Effective Ways to Test Pure Gold and Gold Products.

Assortment of items made of goldSome buyers and collectors of gold know how to tell fake gold from pure gold. Jewelers observe the unique properties of the precious metal. You can also learn the art of identifying the real metal to avoid getting misled.

Reputable¬†jewelers in Salt Lake City share the following tests to determine a gold’s purity. These tests will help you ensure that the gold products you buy are authentic.

1. The Magnet Test

Magnets attract most metals. But magnet cannot attract pure gold. To check the gold’s authenticity, buy a stronger magnet from your local hardware store. If you notice the magnet attracts your gold, then it’s not pure.

2. The Float and Rust Test

Another way to tell whether your gold is pure or not is by dropping it in a container full of water. Fake gold will float, but pure gold will sink due to its density. You can also keep your gold jewelry or coins in conditions that can make it rust. If it rusts, then it is not pure gold.

3. The Stamp Test

All pure gold products have a stamp on them. This hidden stamp marks both the level of purity and the karat of gold in the specific piece. Also, the gold stamp goes with the manufacturer’s mark. You can use a magnifying glass to check it out.

Due to the high demand and value of gold coins and jewelry, it can be easy to get conned. The best way to ensure that you get the best gold jewelry is by buying only from established jewelers.

If despite doing the tests mentioned you’re still in doubt, see a precious metal consultant or certified jeweler to have it checked. It’s better to be sure than regret investing your money in a fraud product later on.