10 Types of Jewelry Stylish Ladies Should Have

silver jewelry at showcase of storeEvery woman should have a jewelry collection that can see her through any event and work with various ensembles. You don’t need an entire treasure chest of jewels; just some basic, timeless items that would last a lifetime.

Many women inherit the jewels that belonged to their mothers, who have received the heirloom from previous generations. This is how jewelry collections are built. Women also head to their trusted jeweler in Utah for exquisite pieces to add to their collection.

If you are building your own collection or are seeking to simplify with a few pieces, here are 10 jewelry box essentials you can surely pass on to the next generation:

1. A long necklace

A long gold chain spells elegance. When layered with a variety of other accessories, such as pendants, it can give you a more fun look.

2. A line bracelet

A simple but elegant piece, this bracelet features a single line of diamonds. It can easily transition from day wear to a night accessory. Some bracelets in this style feature less expensive gems, such as white sapphires.

3. A charm bracelet

A charm bracelet is the also-stylish opposite of the straightforward, symmetrical diamond bracelet. What people love about it is that you can make yours unique and personal. You can use charms that mean something to you and charms that you simply adore because of their lovely design.

4. Pearl earrings

A timeless pair, pearl earrings can work with any ensemble but look best with semi-formal and formal wear.

5. Diamond stud earrings

Simple, single diamond studs are great for everyday wear, but you can go for something with a more intricate design or something truly elegant. Diamond studs make you look polished instantly without even trying.

6. Hoop earrings

Possibly the ultimate go-to pair of earrings for a casual day, hoop earrings can add just the right dash of dazzle to your daily ensemble.

7. A metal watch

Sure, you can stick to your smartwatch for your daily errands, but if the occasion calls for something classy and elegant, a gold or silver watch will surely be a better option. It’s also versatile; you can wear it in the office and during your dinner date somewhere fancy.

8. Stacking rings

You only need one ring to dazzle them all, but why settle for one when you can wear many? Stacking rings featuring diamonds or gemstones look gorgeous on their own, but they provide a winning appeal when stacked together. Stacking rings also work when you just can’t decide which ring to wear because they’re all pretty.

9. A cocktail ring

Cocktail rings are statement pieces and come in different sizes, designs, and shapes. Cocktail rings count as one item in this list, but it is fine if you have several of these.

10. A bangle

A gold bangle is often just what you need to pull an outfit together and finish a look. Or, get slim bangles and stack them up!

Which ones of these jewelry items do you already have in your collection, and which ones would you like to have? Go find the perfect piece to add to your collection today.